I am Queen Ebowe a Powerful Ebony Mistress who enjoys the exchange of power between me and my subjects. There is something powerful about watching a slave submit and surrender themselves to me, once in my presence males feel the strength of my power and feel totally helpless.

I am an absolutely stunning Mistress from the Caribbean, I’m Elegant, Sophisticated and an intelligent Goddess who is also fluent in German.

I have many years experience in the BDSM scene. I am Strict, Sadistic, Cruel and Ruthless with a wicked sense of humor, it all comes so naturally to me, as you will find out, consider yourself warned slaves!

I enjoy most kinds of activities especially if it includes having a submissive in total humiliation, degradation and disgrace. I am a Mistress to be admired, worshipped and adored, I train my slaves to total submission and I expect immediate obedience to my every order as my demands will be served swiftly and effectively.

You will obey My every command, you’ll find yourself pushed over your limits, totally corrupted and your sole purpose in life will be to serve and amuse me!

If you desire the opportunity to serve and surrender yourself to the Queen then you may continue to view the rest of my website then respectfully contact me via phone or email.

Queen Ebowe…